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In the early 1990s, South African farmers started experimenting with olive farming and processing this versatile fruit on larger scale. The Result of applying modern farming techniques and using modern equipment, is a fruit of high quality.

There is much room for expansion in the local industry, as 70% of local oil consumption, and 50% of table olives consumption have to be met by means of importing overseas products. Sadly, the products that are brought in and sold at very low prices, is most often not first grade products.

There are local brands that have set the pace in the industry, and should be supported for the good work they do in terms of job creation, good farming practices and excellent quality produce.

But there are also several smaller olive farms that do not have the means to develop and market their product on the scale that the bigger role players, in the local industry, do. Fortunately there is a market for their products too.


Gauteng Olives is South African owned and managed with the aim of introducing and making available local olive products to the local food industry and to the public.

We are passionate about educating South Africans about the excellent local olive products on offer.

For more information or to plcae an order, contact Riana Venter at gpolives@gmail.com

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